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Tools to spark and inform productive conversations on racial justice.


The importance of talking about social injustice and racism is matched only by the difficulty in talking about social injustice and racism. The topic is complex and often painful, and engaging it can leave us feeling adrift without an anchor. Through our website, blog, and simple but bold T-shirts, we at sysTemic160 hope to not only help spark critical conversations but also offer information to help ground and support those conversations.  
We stand the best chance of creating real change when we engage critical issues with solid data and within historical context. What is presented in the text of this website and on the T-shirts of the sysTemic160 collection is designed to support that engagement and help situate complex ideas in the larger framework of US history. Systems of oppression can't be dismantled if we don't understand their impact, and policies that promote equality of opportunity can't be enacted if we don't understand current disparities. We hope that these tools are useful in achieving that understanding.